NCAA to Study High School Policies

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As alleged 'diploma mill' closes, association plans review of nontraditional schools and other issues at secondary level.

Reforming Reform

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Some Division III colleges seek to turn back the clock on 2004 rules changes that imposed limits on their sports programs.

Triumph for NCAA's Little Guys

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Members of the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Division I voted at the group’s annual convention in Indianapolis Saturday to overturn increases in the maximum number of scholarships available for female athletes. Critics characterized the move as a setback for women's sports, but supporters of the reversal said the proposed increases were not the best way to help female athletes and would favor the division's wealthier programs.

Goings-On at the NCAA Convention

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Division III keeps out the redshirt; academic progress rates coming soon; presidential involvement in Division I; and more.

NCAA Colleges Score

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Association's new measure makes athletes' graduation rates rise at virtually all Division I institutions.

The 'Old Boys Network' in College Sports

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Like many industries, Richard Lapchick argues, college sports subscribes to the "old boys' network" approach to employment -- the idea that the people doing the hiring are typically drawn to those with whom they are comfortable, which often means people who look like them.

Competing Interests

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From recruiting newsletters to shoe companies, big time college sports prospects sift through a maze of potential influences.

As Female Athletes Gain, Female Coaches Lose Out

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Report finds decline in representation of women coaching women.

Court Win for a Rule Breaker

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Ohio State breached its contract with a former basketball coach when it fired him for NCAA violations, a judge rules.

Real Classes Have Teachers

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NCAA considers a crackdown on high school diploma mills that help athletes get eligible.


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