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Scholar who has made name as Cherokee is accused of not having Native American roots

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In wake of Rachel Dolezal scandal, a prominent professor in Native American studies who regularly says she is Native American is accused of misrepresenting her background.

U. of Illinois apparently revokes job offer to controversial scholar

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Professor whose writings have angered many was offered job at U. of Illinois, pending formal board approval. He didn't get it. Is he being punished for his views? His tone? Both? 

American Studies Association backs boycott of Israeli universities

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American Studies Association members vote by a two-to-one margin to endorse the boycott of Israeli universities.

Temple University faces scrutiny over rejection of African-American studies department's choice as chair

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Temple was the first institution to offer a doctorate in African-American studies and has seen heated debates over the discipline's direction. The rejection of the department's choice as chair has set off a new controversy.

UT-Austin scrutinizes ethics of controversial same-sex parenting study

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UT-Austin launches administrative inquiry into integrity of controversial study about children of same-sex couples.

Boycott kills U. of Texas project on women writers in the Middle East

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U. of Texas wanted to honor a late scholar whose career had focused on Middle Eastern studies. But when Arab contributors found out that two Israelis would be published in the same work, a tribute fell apart.

U of Arizona emphasizes transgender studies

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University of Arizona has added faculty lines and a journal, and is planning a major conference and a master's program.

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