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China's strict new law regulating foreign NGO raises questions for universities

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The country's strict new law regulating the activities of foreign nongovernmental organizations raises many unanswered questions for universities operating there.

SUNY Oswego sees success in diversifying its study abroad population

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SUNY Oswego has seen success expanding the diversity of its students who study abroad.

Nude protest at Ugandan university draws international attention

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At a Ugandan university, a research fellow locked out of her office for refusing to teach in a Ph.D. program undresses in protest.

Terror attacks in Europe strike at epicenter of American study abroad

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Recent attacks in Europe have targeted the most popular region for American study abroad students -- and the one traditionally perceived as safe.

Researchers survey the landscape of internationalization of higher education

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Researchers survey the landscape of internationalization in higher education.

Study abroad alumni have better career outcomes, study finds

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Study abroad alumni have better career outcomes, according to two studies assessing the impact of Europe’s Erasmus exchange program.

Attack on Pakistan's Bacha Khan University Kills 20

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Twenty killed in assault on Bacha Khan University, the latest attack on an educational institution in a country that has suffered more than any other.

An American student and researcher is among the prisoners released by Iran

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An American student enrolled in an intensive language program affiliated with the University of Tehran is among the prisoners released by Iran.

Turkey ends funding for controversial research institute

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The Institute of Turkish Studies has been accused of pushing the Turkish state's agenda on the Armenian genocide. Now the Turkish government has withdrawn its funding. Why?

Council of Graduate Schools survey records 5 percent growth in first-time international enrollments

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The number of first-time international graduate students at U.S. graduate schools increased by 5 percent this fall. More than three-quarters of new students are in master's and certificate programs.


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