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Universities with study abroad programs in Israel weigh the risks

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With conflict in Gaza ongoing, some universities with study abroad programs in Israel suspend programs while others stay the course.

Faculty use Internet-based technologies to create global learning opportunities

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As colleges look for low-cost ways to globalize the on-campus learning experience, there's increasing interest in using the Internet to connect with international classrooms. 

New research provides insight into the growing pool of international high school students in the U.S.

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A rapid growth in the number of international students seeking American high school diplomas creates new recruiting opportunities for colleges.

Universities in Iraq are caught in the conflict

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Once again universities in Iraq are caught in the middle of the conflict.

Fewer top Australian students choosing to train as teachers

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Teacher training programs in Australia are attracting fewer and fewer of the brightest students entering the country's universities.

New report on repression of academics in Iran

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New report from Amnesty International documents the increasing repression of Iranian scholars and students during the Ahmadinejad presidency.

International educators discuss ways to make the campus more international student-friendly

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At NAFSA conference, international education administrators and scholars discuss ways to help foreign students feel a greater sense of belonging.

New book on STEM workforce needs and international competitiveness finds no evidence of crisis

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A new book challenges the conventional notion that the U.S. is producing too few science and engineering graduates to meet its workforce needs and remain globally competitive. 

Conference focuses on state of area and foreign language studies

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Experts in area and language studies discuss how to meet rising student demand when federal budget cuts, vanishing tenure-track positions, and lack of commitment to specialized librarians are hurting their fields.

New government seeks to reform higher education in Ukraine

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Under new government, universities try to leave Soviet-era policies behind.


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