International higher education

Graduate school enrollment grows again, but at slower rate


Enrollment at graduate schools is still increasing, but at a slower pace than before. Researchers point to a market correction and declining growth in international students.

New travel restrictions raise questions, concerns for higher ed

New travel restrictions put in place by the Trump administration continue to raise concerns for American higher education.

Annual report from Scholars at Risk analyzes attacks on students, academics and universities


Annual report from Scholars at Risk tracks threats to students, academics and their universities worldwide.

Dutch academics protest selection of new leader for university group


Politician who was named to the job once called for investigation into alleged anti-conservative bias on campuses.

Eastern Michigan and other universities tell international students '#YouAreWelcomeHere'

Eastern Michigan University displays banners of 108 of its international students on campus as part of a national campaign to convey “You Are Welcome Here.”

Trump-backed bill would halve legal immigration, create points-based system privileging educational attainment


Bill would seek to slash legal immigration levels in half. And while graduates of U.S. universities would get an edge in obtaining employment-based green cards, the number of green cards available would not increase.

Several countries launch campaigns to recruit research talent from U.S. and elsewhere

Britain, Canada, France and Germany all launch funding programs to recruit foreign researchers. Will they succeed in capitalizing on perceptions of the U.S. as a less attractive place for research?

Professor injured in attack on AU Afghanistan seeks compensation

A professor injured in last August’s attack on the American University of Afghanistan is seeking workers’ compensation benefits for his injuries.

New government system rates British universities on student outcomes and teaching


Controversial effort sorts universities into gold, silver and bronze. Some prestigious institutions didn’t get gold.

Survey of more than 1,100 U.S. colleges looks at state of internationalization efforts

Survey finds progress in comprehensive internationalization efforts. The top two priority activities for colleges are sending U.S. students abroad and recruiting international students.


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