International higher education

Speedier Visas

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A Government Accountability Office report released Friday finds that the average time foreign scholars and students must wait for a key federal visa review has shrunk to about two weeks from more than two months last year, according to the Associated Press.

Foreign Applications Fall Again

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Survey finds a 5 percent drop in those seeking a graduate education, following a 28 percent decline last year.

Cost and Safety, or Politics?

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A community college district abandons a program in Spain, citing terror and cost concerns. One trustee blames Spain's withdrawal of troops in Iraq.

Visa Crisis Over, State Dept. Claims

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Educators dispute rosy analysis and say foreign students continue to face obstacles.

Falling Behind in International Education

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A Congressional hearing suggests an easing of visa problems but a looming crisis in U.S. competitiveness.

Remaining in Spain

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A few weeks after ending study abroad program in Spain for practical and political reasons, a community collegereverses itself.

Catch-22 for Israeli Academics

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The latest Web sites to attack academics who criticize Israel focuses on academics in Israel.

Yet Another Problem for Study Abroad

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The weak dollar is taking a toll on American students abroad and Chinese students in Europe.

The Call to Qatar

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Georgetown University will become the next American college to offer degrees in the Middle East.

College Access -- Comparing Countries

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A study of industrialized nations finds Sweden has the most affordable higher education system and the Netherlands has the most accessible.


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