International higher education

Mapping Mandarin, Mohave and Miao-Mien

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MLA's revamped language map offers precise look at who speaks what in every nook and cranny in the U.S.

Not So OpenCourseWare

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Web page for Pulitzer-winning historian's course is temporarily halted at MIT amid Chinese students' complaints of cultural insensitivity.

Unwanted Export?

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New online university promises to send great education from U.S. to developing nations, but critics fear it's a new diploma mill.

Florida Isolationism

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Professors say legislation to limit their travel to "terrorist states" will hurt academic freedom, but Jeb Bush likes the idea.

Suing for Access to Cuba

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Professors and students plan new challenge to federal rules that hinder study and research trips to the country.

British Professors Seek to Cut Ties to Israeli Scholars

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Union vote proceeds despite intense lobbying from American faculty groups, who see a serious violation of academic freedom.

Billions to Spare

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Harvard alumni preparing for 25th reunion decide alma mater's endowment doesn't need support, but African students do.

A Small World

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New Jersey university wins approval from British Columbia to set up campus in Vancouver for students from Asia.

Another Scholar Turned Back at JFK

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In move that angered American colleagues, Greek scholar invited to Stony Brook conference was turned around at airport.

Win for Excluded Muslim Scholar

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Federal judge orders government to decide on visa for professor forced to turn down Notre Dame position.


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