International higher education

Germany bucks global trends by abolishing tuition


One by one, the German states have eliminated tuition fees, bucking global trends toward increased "cost sharing."

Concerns about international student safety come to fore

Kerry says Japanese students are deterred by fears of gun violence. Chinese and Saudi Arabian students are among victims of Boston bombings. Does growth in international student population come despite concerns on safety?


Report offers advice for forming partnerships with universities in Myanmar


New report offers recommendations for forming partnerships with universities in rapidly changing country.

Speakers consider best practices for internationalizing highly regulated professional degree programs

At best practices conference, panelists discuss strategies to incorporate international experiences into highly regulated degree programs like air traffic management and nursing.

International higher education administrators discuss the future of the field

At gathering of senior international officers, participants discuss the dynamic state of the field. 

International students complain about the quality of education at an unaccredited California institution

An unaccredited California institution lacks approval by the state to operate, but is allowed to enroll international students -- some of whom say the education is seriously substandard.


Australia adapts European Union tool for comparing universities

Seeking to counteract rankings' intense focus on research, the country adapts a European tool that provides data on universities, warts and all.

Australian financier gives $50M for scholarships, challenges his peers


As Australian universities get into the fund-raising game, an international financier sets the pace with a $50 million donation and encourages others to follow suit.

Students rally against Hungary's plans for higher education

Students rally against government plans that leave some of them with steep tuition bills and others with requirements not to leave the country.

World Bank affiliate invests $150 million in for-profit college provider

The International Finance Corporation, a member of the World Bank Group, invests $150 million in Laureate Education, a for-profit higher ed provider.


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