International higher education

Evolution Bandwagon

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Many countries' scientific societies unite to oppose those who advocate teaching non-scientific theories.

Secrets Not Shared?

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U.S. investigates professor’s research activities, raising issues of academic freedom, xenophobia and foreign relations.

Fallout in the Middle East

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Colleges in Lebanon and Israel -- with many American students enrolled for the summer -- deal with return of violence to the region.

Endangered Progress

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President of American University of Beirut has overseen remarkable recovery over the last decade -- and now fears a tragic reversal.

Scholar of Peace in the Line of Fire

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Earlham professor was home visiting his family in Beirut. Because he's not a U.S. citizen, he's not sure he can return to his job.

Israel Releases Detained Akron Scholar

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Geographer held in alleged spying for Hezbollah is set free with no charges filed.

Taking on TOEFL

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ETS faces first real challenge to its test for students seeking to demonstrate English proficiency to American colleges.

The Middle East Muddle

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Tensions in the region hamper U.S. government efforts to promote international relationships between colleges.

New Analysis of Academic Freedom

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Essays in new book compare state of professors' rights around the world in post-9/11 era.

A Tangled Tale in Tbilisi

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Accreditor's decision to approve Georgian college is questioned, but have critics overreached in their accusations?


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