International higher education

International Erosion

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The U.S. lead in higher education is declining, and indicators about the future are not promising, an international report says.

Going Global Before Graduation

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Goucher will begin requiring all of its students to spend at least some time studying in another country.

Freed Scholar Speaks Out

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Yektan Turkyilmaz, detained and tried in Armenia, on his experience and its implications for other academics.

Reforming Higher Education -- Worldwide

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Fulbright team will develop strategies for colleges and countries, many of which struggle with quality issues in era of rapid growth.

Coming to America

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Washington U. in St. Louis offers an elite group of international students a graduate education -- and sends professors home with them.

New Challenge on Visa Denials

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Academic and civil liberties groups seek documents to explain why some leading scholars are kept out of U.S.

Exchanges Start to Bounce Back

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Foreign enrollments in U.S. see slight drop while record number of American students study abroad.

The Necessity of Student Exchanges

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Experts on panel say attracting foreign students must be a national priority.

Educating Africa, Virtually

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New grant aims to help African teachers harness power of the Internet to try to educate a struggling continent.

Quality Control Across Borders

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OECD and Unesco propose new safeguards against the export of low-quality higher education.


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