International higher education

Bush Push on 'Critical' Foreign Languages

On Thursday, President Bush and a bevy of government officials -- including the secretaries of state, education and defense -- announced a wide ranging plan to enhance the foreign language skills of American students.

A Seven Continent First

Pacific Lutheran U. gets a leg up in international education, with students studying on every continent at the same time.

New International Alliance

10 leading universities worldwide -- including Berkeley and Yale from U.S. -- create partnership designed to move beyond typical exchanges.

Sailing Around the Flat World

Cruise line enters the seaborne higher education ocean -- with focus on international students.

Capacity and Quality

Leaders of Asian universities brief American counterparts on top issues -- with considerable commonality from country to country.

Undercutting the Openness Message

Treatment of prominent Indian scientist in visa process seen as damaging U.S. progress in attracting foreign researchers.

AAUP Calls Off Boycott Conference

Association, criticized over invitation list and distribution of anti-Semitic materials, abandons plan to revive session.

Mi Lab Es Su Lab

Thanks to innovative software, some MIT laboratories are open to the world.

Impediments to Art Exchange

Scientists have grabbed the headlines, but some artists and art students may have visa woes of their own.

Mapping Mandarin, Mohave and Miao-Mien

MLA's revamped language map offers precise look at who speaks what in every nook and cranny in the U.S.


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