International higher education

Scholar of Peace in the Line of Fire

Earlham professor was home visiting his family in Beirut. Because he's not a U.S. citizen, he's not sure he can return to his job.

Israel Releases Detained Akron Scholar

Geographer held in alleged spying for Hezbollah is set free with no charges filed.

Taking on TOEFL

ETS faces first real challenge to its test for students seeking to demonstrate English proficiency to American colleges.

The Middle East Muddle

Tensions in the region hamper U.S. government efforts to promote international relationships between colleges.

New Analysis of Academic Freedom

Essays in new book compare state of professors' rights around the world in post-9/11 era.

A Tangled Tale in Tbilisi

Accreditor's decision to approve Georgian college is questioned, but have critics overreached in their accusations?

Boycotting a Magazine's Boycott Issue

In the annals of academic conferences, few may have been more ill-fated than the aborted conclave on academic boycotts planned by the American Association of University Professors.

When the conference was called off in March, organizers hoped that they could salvage something good from the idea by taking papers planned for the conference and publishing them in a special issue of Academe, the AAUP's magazine.

The Next Level of Open Source

Going a step beyond free course materials, Yale will put videos of selected courses online -- available free to anyone.

Making Sense of 'Bologna Degrees'


In the early 1990s, the then-presidents of Oberlin College and Stanford University floated the idea that the standard time for an undergraduate degree might be better at three years instead of four. The idea went nowhere -- at least in the United States.

International Recovery

New data suggest that the post-9/11 crisis in foreign enrollments is over; Americans studying abroad increased by 8%.


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