International higher education

Principles for International Collaboration in Graduate Education

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Educators from U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia and China issue set of ideas to govern discussions on working together.

Mapping the Indian Business Student Boom

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Demand for business education among Indian students is still growing, but U.S. share and historical advantage appear to be slipping.

The Business of Branching Out

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Maryland college's payment of per-student fee to contractor in Taiwan raises questions about when practices unacceptable in the U.S. are permissible (or not) abroad.

The World Gets a Little Flatter

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New report comparing countries' educational systems suggests that U.S. dominance in higher education is continuing to ebb.

Cornell Degree, Offered in Africa

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University will build complete academic program in watershed management in Ethiopia.

A Worldwide Test for Higher Education?

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International group is (quietly) discussing the prospect of creating a global measure of student learning outcomes at the college level.

Another Professor Denied Entry

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Latin American history course is called off at Case Western when highly regarded scholar is unable to return from Panama -- or to learn why her visa is blocked.

Study Abroad Policies and Practices

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Where previously there were only anecdotes, new survey provides a clearer picture of the prevalence of practices that have fallen under scrutiny.

The Mobile International Student

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Report offers new analysis of strengths of countries in attracting the best foreign talent for higher education.

A Liberal Arts College Marks Five Years in Ghana

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Ashesi University's president and founder discusses the role of liberal arts education in the development of Sub-Saharan Africa.


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