International higher education

No Risk, No Reward

For-profit educators and investors discuss an enticing, but potentially dicey, new international market.

Distance Ed's New Market -- in Spanish

Reynaldo Pol, a coordinator of English as a second language courses for adults in a suburban Atlanta county, knows first-hand what issues language instructors in his corner of the world face. When he decided it was time to go back to school, Pol, a Cuban by birth who grew up in Puerto Rico and received his bachelor’s degree at Georgia’s Piedmont College, decided he wanted to look more broadly, beyond borders.

Lost Opportunity in Russia

Ford Foundation explores how American philanthropy may have erred while spending $1 billion trying to aid post-USSR academe.

Overseas Outposts

More universities open degree-granting branches in other countries, and U.S. is not the only player in the game, study finds.

Sexual Harassment on Study Abroad

U. of Minnesota student in Tanzania accuses institution of not responding appropriately when she alerted officials to harassment.

Kafka at the Border

U.S. denies Canadian physicist entry, saying he committed a crime in Canada. Canada says that's false, but does that matter?

Christian College Grows Roots Abroad

Russian-American Christian University shows both the promise and challenge of foreign expansion.

New Worries on Foreign Students

Analysis of visa trends suggests that renewed optimism about flow of international talent to U.S. may have been premature.

Dr. Dictator

Universities rethink honorary degrees once awarded to Zimbabwe’s brutal president.

Outposts of American Academe in Middle East

In podcast interview, presidents of 4 universities share views on evolving role of their institutions and education in their region.


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