International higher education

Sexual Harassment on Study Abroad

U. of Minnesota student in Tanzania accuses institution of not responding appropriately when she alerted officials to harassment.

Kafka at the Border

U.S. denies Canadian physicist entry, saying he committed a crime in Canada. Canada says that's false, but does that matter?

Christian College Grows Roots Abroad

Russian-American Christian University shows both the promise and challenge of foreign expansion.

New Worries on Foreign Students

Analysis of visa trends suggests that renewed optimism about flow of international talent to U.S. may have been premature.

Dr. Dictator

Universities rethink honorary degrees once awarded to Zimbabwe’s brutal president.

Outposts of American Academe in Middle East

In podcast interview, presidents of 4 universities share views on evolving role of their institutions and education in their region.

Foreign Graduate Applications Up Again

Rate of growth slows, though, and numbers still trail pre-2003 level.

Ohio State Dismantles International Office

Restructuring of university's international affairs office prompts concern from international education world.

Visa Troubles

A research project is on hold and a speech canceled as an Iraqi professor's attempts to come to North America are stymied.

Point of No Return to Bologna

With deadline approaching for unifying higher ed system, European universities pick up pace on aligning degrees.


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