International higher education

A President in Texas (No, Not That One)

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At Abilene Christian U.'s commencement, Madagascar's leader joined 24 graduating scholars supported by his government, with hopes of greater good.

The Private Sector Role in Global Higher Education

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At World Bank meeting, Laureate chief foresees major role for non-government universities around the world -- if they act as good citizens.

For- and NonProfit and Other Issues in Innovation

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Investors -- and regulators -- discuss the profit motive and emerging models in private higher education, growing worldwide.

Wake-Up Call for American Higher Ed

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New analysis of Europe's "Bologna" movement suggests that colleges in the U.S. could soon face substantial pressure to better define what their own degrees and credits mean.

Not So International After All?

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For all the talk about globalization, new survey finds many colleges don't show much evidence of embracing study of the world outside the United States.

Where Multicultural Ed and Internationalization Meet

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Or don't. Panelists discuss challenges to collaboration between the two fields, as well as common ground, as largest-ever conference of international educators convenes.

Diversifying Study Abroad, the Data-Driven Way

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During annual gathering of international educators, panelists discuss the underrepresentation of minorities in education abroad, among other topics.

See SEVIS II Dance (and Other Topics in Global Ed)

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U.S. officials provide briefing on database for tracking foreign students, presidential candidates' advisers discuss exchanges as a massive gathering of international educators continues.

Your College is Cute. Be Our Partner?

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Applying the art of close interpersonal relationships to international university partnerships -- just another day at NAFSA.

Thousands More Iraqi Students Abroad?

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Other hot topics at international ed meeting: visa frustration, study abroad for all majors, and internationalization issues.


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