International higher education

Graduate Education, Post-Bologna

Educators consider the impact of the process to "harmonize" European higher education on graduate schools here and abroad.

New Option for Foreign Interns

After years of lobbying, State Department proposes a new visa category for students from outside the U.S.

Study Abroad Isn't Just for White Students


It was all busyness and business as usual at Bardoli Global’s Houston headquarters Tuesday when the small staff of four stopped – albeit for but a second. “You’re in a frenzy doing something all the time but we looked up and said, ‘You realize, some of our kids are gone?’” recalls Anthony Jewett, executive director and CEO of the organization. “We’ve done it.”

Unlikely Bedfellows

FBI reaches out to colleges to promote the security of academic research within an open system.

Peace and the Community College

Federally funded institute aims to help two-year institutions inject international issues and conflict resolution into their curriculums.

Removing the Language Barrier

As European higher education internationalizes, master's programs taught in English proliferate.

'World Class Worldwide'

Higher education is increasingly international, especially at research universities. But the meaning of research university and of being a "world class" institution isn't the same all over the world. With that in mind, Philip G. Altbach and Jorge Balán organized a conference on institutions in Asia and Latin America.

Saving Iraq's Scholars

In an urgent effort to save a critical mass of scholars unlike any initiative undertaken since World War II, the Institute of International Education’s Scholar Rescue Fund is finalizing plans to rescue hundreds of Iraqi professors beginning in the coming months.

The Science Lab Is Flat

Study documents increasing share of papers by American researchers with foreign partners.

A Visa at Last

It took 2 years and a lawsuit, but University of Nebraska will finally be able to welcome historian hired in 2005.


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