International higher education

A Visa at Last

It took 2 years and a lawsuit, but University of Nebraska will finally be able to welcome historian hired in 2005.

'Branding' Community Colleges Abroad

It wasn’t long ago at all that City College of San Francisco -- which, with 1,380 international students, ranks eighth among community colleges nationally for international enrollment -- didn’t do much in the way of active recruitment abroad.

A Different Type of Sustainability

After grants promoting higher education's involvement in developing countries end, how do project leaders ensure the mission lives on?

Supporting Saudi Students

Colleges and universities respond to recent enrollment increase with a host of educational efforts, but challenges abound.

The Community College Role in Developing Countries

Institutions with job training missions are gaining popularity in some parts of the world.

Sociologists and ACLU Blast Visa Denial

Scholar from South Africa, critic of U.S. policies, is blocked from attending scholarly meeting.

Study Abroad Under Scrutiny

International educators respond to high-profile allegations that perks they receive could play a role in their choice of offerings to students.

Matching Up to the Group of 8

U.S. leads European peers and Japan in foreign student enrollments and spending on higher ed, but lags on educational attainment, study finds.

'Seeding Labs'

Seeding Labs, a five-year-old, Harvard University-based effort to collect used and surplus laboratory equipment and distribute it across the developing world, aims not only to transport microscopes but also to forge connections. “You can’t do science in a vacuum, regardless of whether you’re in the U.S. or the Congo,” says Nina Dudnik, Seeding Lab’s founder and a Ph.D. student in molecular biology at Harvard Medical School. “Having the research capacity in the Congo only strengthens us here and vice versa.”

The Middlemen of Study Abroad

New scrutiny raises questions, beyond the legal ones, of why some colleges rely on third parties to send students to other countries.


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