International higher education

Mapping the Indian Business Student Boom

Demand for business education among Indian students is still growing, but U.S. share and historical advantage appear to be slipping.

The Business of Branching Out

Maryland college's payment of per-student fee to contractor in Taiwan raises questions about when practices unacceptable in the U.S. are permissible (or not) abroad.

The World Gets a Little Flatter

New report comparing countries' educational systems suggests that U.S. dominance in higher education is continuing to ebb.

Cornell Degree, Offered in Africa

University will build complete academic program in watershed management in Ethiopia.

A Worldwide Test for Higher Education?

International group is (quietly) discussing the prospect of creating a global measure of student learning outcomes at the college level.

Another Professor Denied Entry

Latin American history course is called off at Case Western when highly regarded scholar is unable to return from Panama -- or to learn why her visa is blocked.

Study Abroad Policies and Practices

Where previously there were only anecdotes, new survey provides a clearer picture of the prevalence of practices that have fallen under scrutiny.

The Mobile International Student

Report offers new analysis of strengths of countries in attracting the best foreign talent for higher education.

A Liberal Arts College Marks Five Years in Ghana

Ashesi University's president and founder discusses the role of liberal arts education in the development of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Freshman Year Abroad

An increasing number of colleges are offering long-term study abroad options starting in the first semester.


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