International higher education

Supply, Demand and Foreign Students

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New analysis finds that "natural economic forces" (as opposed to U.S. failure) go far in explaining the declining share of science and engineering Ph.D.s earned by the American-born.

'Educating Global Citizens'

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In Educating Global Citizens in Colleges and Universities (Routledge), Peter N. Stearns argues that colleges and universities have an obligation to prepare students from an increasingly globally connected world. But what does that mean? Stearns, provost at George Mason University, discusses the role of the curriculum, including foreign languages, study abroad, and branch campuses.

A Global Liberal Arts Alliance

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New network seeks to encourage colleges to trade knowledge and talent -- from Pennsylvania to Pakistan.

International Applications Up 4%

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The growth is concentrated among graduate schools that already have the largest numbers of foreign students.

Patterns in Academic Persecution

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Oppression of scholars extends across a range of countries, fueled not only by politics but also by general anti-intellectualism, a new report says.

'Higher Education on the Move'

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WASHINGTON -- An estimated 2.9 million students worldwide are pursuing their educations outside their home countries, a 57 percent increase since 1999.

Study Abroad Plus

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Colleges are requiring global experiences, but are flexible in terms of where those experiences can take place.

Swine Flu and Student Flows

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In study abroad, there's been concern about U.S. students contracting the H1N1 virus while abroad; now, there's also concern about them spreading it.

Uncharted Territory

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A public/private partnership aimed at strengthening international enrollments and programming at Oregon State has promise, but has come at the cost of the English Language Institute's accreditation.

Challenges to Building Study Abroad Capacity

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Turns out, it's mainly about the money, a survey shows.


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