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'At Home in the World'

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WASHINGTON – Leaders of international and multicultural education offices may not always talk much, but here at the At Home in the World: Educating for Global Connections and Local Commitments Summer Institute, there’s plenty of discussion of potential “synergies” -- and “creative tensions,” too.

A Global Agenda

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Attendees at Unesco World Conference on Higher Education, the second such gathering, will discuss "new dynamics" and persistent challenges -- including expanding access and combating degree mills.

Iraqi Scholarship Program Gets Started

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It's a late start, but government officials prepare to send a pilot group of 500 to 700 students abroad starting this fall.

Public Good, Private Money

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World Conference on Higher Education concludes, with government officials from Brazil and India taking up issues of access and branch campuses, respectively.

Australians Open U.S. Med School

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In transnational program, American students will begin medical school in Brisbane, and end it at the U. of Queensland's new clinical school in New Orleans.

Scholar's Visa Denial Suit Revived

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A federal appeals court has revived the challenge by scholarly and civil liberties groups to the U.S. government's denial of a visa to Tariq Ramadan, an internationally acclaimed scholar, to accept a faculty position at the University of Notre Dame.

Outsourcing Teaching, Overseas

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In Utah State degree program in Asia, "lead professors" (from Utah) design the course work and assign the grade, but "local facilitators" (from partner universities) deliver much of the course content.

An Atlantic Trust

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American and British university leaders propose a mechanism for building up the "special relationship" between the two countries by jointly working in other countries, worldwide.

Passage to India

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South Asia beckons American colleges looking for students, joint ventures and new sources of funds. But are expectations too high?

International Admissions Fall

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For the first time since 2004, the number of international students admitted to U.S. graduate schools has declined, report finds. Domestic applications, however, increase.


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