International higher education

Conditional admission and pathway programs proliferate

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Eager to increase their international enrollments, colleges create more conditional admission and pathway options for students lacking in English language proficiency. The challenge: uphold minimum standards while expanding access.

Study finds increased risk of sexual assault on study abroad

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New preliminary research suggests that the risk of sexual assault for female undergraduates increases during study abroad.

Australian university's partnership with American academic health center graduates its first class

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U. of Queensland graduates its first class from its clinical school in Louisiana as medical education in general grows more international.

Foundation provides educational and leadership opportunities to women in Cambodia

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The Harpswell Foundation provides housing and leadership training to some of Cambodia’s top female college students.

At Southern Utah, concerns about the intensive English program come to light

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A former instructor at Southern Utah University's intensive English program raises concerns about the prevalence of plagiarism and low standards for students and instructors.

Seeking additional credible information about Chinese applicants, colleges use video interviews

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Facing the problem of fraud, colleges turn to video interviewing services to gain additional information about their Chinese applicants.

Report shows growth in international enrollments, study abroad

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Open Doors data show foreign student enrollments are up 5.7 percent and study abroad 1.3 percent. For the first time in more than 10 years, top category of foreign student is undergraduates.

George Mason moves ahead with a South Korea campus

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After withdrawing from the Gulf, George Mason plans to branch out once more -- participating in a South Korean university's effort to attract numerous foreign campuses.

Colleges open State Department-funded American Cultural Centers in China

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American colleges and the State Department jointly set up "American Cultural Centers" at Chinese universities.

Tensions simmer between American and international students

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Recent incidents bring to light the problem of discrimination against international students.


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