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In study abroad, a call for greater intentionality, and ambition

At annual gathering of study abroad administrators, speakers describe a need for programs guided by more clearly defined learning outcomes.

Faculty study abroad leader comes under fire for decisions about student health

A University of New Hampshire lecturer is dismissed after administrators question medical decisions she made leading a trip to Nicaragua. She says she could have used more support from the institution -- not condemnation.

NYU establishes campuses and sites around the globe

NYU reinvents itself as a "global network university," but critics at home question the creation of campuses in nondemocratic countries and the effect of rapid international expansion on programs in Greenwich Village.

Study finds increased risk of sexual assault on study abroad

New preliminary research suggests that the risk of sexual assault for female undergraduates increases during study abroad.

Report shows growth in international enrollments, study abroad

Open Doors data show foreign student enrollments are up 5.7 percent and study abroad 1.3 percent. For the first time in more than 10 years, top category of foreign student is undergraduates.

Program administrators don't expect complications with new Islamist president in Egypt

American program administrators in Egypt foresee greater stability, not complications, with election of first Islamist president.

California State debates whether to resume study abroad in Israel


Some faculty members and administrators at California State U. are trying to block resumption of programs in Israel.

Survey of more than 1,100 U.S. colleges looks at state of internationalization efforts

Survey finds progress in comprehensive internationalization efforts. The top two priority activities for colleges are sending U.S. students abroad and recruiting international students.

Comparative class at Grinnell focuses on migration and border policy in U.S. and Europe


First-year Grinnell students travel to Germany, Greece, Mexico, Spain and the U.S. Southwest for comparative class on migration, borders and refugees.

Longstanding Arabic language program loses federal funding

Loss of federal funding for highly regarded program has one scholar asking, “What’s our strategy here?”


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