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The 'Supply Side' of Study Abroad

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Much of the research on study-abroad programs has looked at the growing number of American students who spend a summer or semester overseas, or the number of foreign students who come to the United States. A new survey, released today, looks beyond the "demand" side of the equation -- the American colleges pushing for an increased focus on international education -- to the "supply" of available programs and finds that responding institutions in Europe and elsewhere overwhelmingly seek to attract American students, along with those from other major "sending" countries.

Diversifying Study Abroad, the Data-Driven Way

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During annual gathering of international educators, panelists discuss the underrepresentation of minorities in education abroad, among other topics.

Thousands More Iraqi Students Abroad?

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Other hot topics at international ed meeting: visa frustration, study abroad for all majors, and internationalization issues.

Push for Americans to Learn Arabic Abroad

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AMIDEAST and top professors in the field plan programs throughout the Middle East, with an eye toward significantly increasing study abroad opportunities.

Reflections on 35 Years in International Education

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Outgoing director of Arcadia's Center for Education Abroad talks about the growth of third-party providers, oversight and, yes, subpoenas.

The (Future) Faculty Life, Here and There

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Graduate students get broader insight into issues they might soon be facing in higher education in Virginia Tech's "Global Perspectives" study abroad course.

Getting Out of Georgia

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For small groups of American students and scholars in a country hit by war, evacuation replaces research and study.

Calculating Credits for Short-Term Study Abroad

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Shorter programs have grown in recent years, but there's a lack in consistency across home institutions as to their worth -- in the currency of credits, at least.

In Study Abroad, Dispute Over Roaming

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Students and parents sue cell phone provider popular among study abroad participants, alleging unfair billing practices.

Study Abroad Under an Embargo

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Provider settles with U.S. in a dispute over academic travel in Cuba. But because of stricter regulations (which this case predates), academic exchange remains limited.


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