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American College Programs in Mumbai Are Cautious and Relieved

Though several colleges have programs in city hit by wave of attacks, they report no harm to students or employees. A former professor is among Americans killed.

Women Abroad and Men at Home

Persistent gender gap in study abroad, even as total enrollments rise, puzzles many experts.

Standards for Short-Term Study Abroad

Forum on Education Abroad offers more specific guidance for programs of short duration.

Students Help Students Study Abroad

Monies for overseas education can be meager. At some colleges, student fees of $5 to $14 are providing a significant pool of aid.

'Study Abroad Changed My Life and Other Problems'

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Conventionally, conference sessions serve a purpose of further orienting participants into the accepted language and landscape of a shared profession. More rarely does a conference session for a professional association feature the opposite goal – to thoroughly rip apart the rhetoric and deconstruct a field’s founding myth.

Study Abroad Shifts in Troubled Economic Times

Despite challenges, many colleges still expect increases in participation. Others, worried about transferring aid out of the institution, set limits.

For Study Away, Credit Upon Return

Under new curriculum, Susquehanna U. says students must go away. But it's the course they take when they come back that's required.

Sustaining Study Abroad

Campuses are going green and going international. With air travel as the elephant in the room, how to reconcile the two?

Diversifying Middle America

Predominantly white and conservative community college in Wyoming aims to celebrate differences in culture, ethnicity and sexual orientation where there are few.

When in Santiago ...

Student cheating, a common problem when it comes to American students, is complicated further when students cross cultures and ethical boundaries, sessions at registrars' meeting reveal.


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