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Bush Push on 'Critical' Foreign Languages

On Thursday, President Bush and a bevy of government officials -- including the secretaries of state, education and defense -- announced a wide ranging plan to enhance the foreign language skills of American students.

A Seven Continent First

Pacific Lutheran U. gets a leg up in international education, with students studying on every continent at the same time.

New International Alliance

10 leading universities worldwide -- including Berkeley and Yale from U.S. -- create partnership designed to move beyond typical exchanges.

Sailing Around the Flat World

Cruise line enters the seaborne higher education ocean -- with focus on international students.

Let My Students Go

Facing demands for study in Israel, U.S. colleges rethink reliance on State Dept. warnings -- potentially opening up programs in many countries.

A Policy Change on Study Abroad Pays Off

After Goucher College mandates international study, freshman enrollment soars to record level.

Suing for Access to Cuba

Professors and students plan new challenge to federal rules that hinder study and research trips to the country.

Usted No Puede Ir

Wanna go to Cuba as a college student? Better start swimming. 

Fallout in the Middle East

Colleges in Lebanon and Israel -- with many American students enrolled for the summer -- deal with return of violence to the region.

Intro to Study Abroad

College-sponsored trips introduce freshmen to overseas travel and education even before their fall classes begin.


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