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Let My Students Go

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Facing demands for study in Israel, U.S. colleges rethink reliance on State Dept. warnings -- potentially opening up programs in many countries.

A Policy Change on Study Abroad Pays Off

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After Goucher College mandates international study, freshman enrollment soars to record level.

Suing for Access to Cuba

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Professors and students plan new challenge to federal rules that hinder study and research trips to the country.

Usted No Puede Ir

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Wanna go to Cuba as a college student? Better start swimming. 

Fallout in the Middle East

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Colleges in Lebanon and Israel -- with many American students enrolled for the summer -- deal with return of violence to the region.

Intro to Study Abroad

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College-sponsored trips introduce freshmen to overseas travel and education even before their fall classes begin.

9/11 and the Academy

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Survey of private college presidents shows that while curriculums have changed in the wake of the attacks, campus budgets largely haven't.

When Knowledge Overtakes a Core

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MIT plan would broaden science requirements, encourage study abroad and curb AP credit -- moves that could be influential nationally.

International Recovery

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New data suggest that the post-9/11 crisis in foreign enrollments is over; Americans studying abroad increased by 8%.

Cuban Collaboration

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After period of uncertainty, scholars in Boston and Havana celebrate release of their co-authored book.


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