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So What Did You Learn in London?

International educators stress the need for more research on which characteristics of study abroad programs promote student learning.

Study Abroad Isn't Just for White Students


It was all busyness and business as usual at Bardoli Global’s Houston headquarters Tuesday when the small staff of four stopped – albeit for but a second. “You’re in a frenzy doing something all the time but we looked up and said, ‘You realize, some of our kids are gone?’” recalls Anthony Jewett, executive director and CEO of the organization. “We’ve done it.”

Removing the Language Barrier

As European higher education internationalizes, master's programs taught in English proliferate.

American (Mathematicians) in Paris

Brown University program is unusual in its ambition for graduate education.

Study Abroad Under Scrutiny

International educators respond to high-profile allegations that perks they receive could play a role in their choice of offerings to students.

The Middlemen of Study Abroad

New scrutiny raises questions, beyond the legal ones, of why some colleges rely on third parties to send students to other countries.

Study Abroad Policies and Practices

Where previously there were only anecdotes, new survey provides a clearer picture of the prevalence of practices that have fallen under scrutiny.

Freshman Year Abroad

An increasing number of colleges are offering long-term study abroad options starting in the first semester.

More Foreign Students -- Everywhere

Annual report finds first significant growth in U.S. enrollments of international students since 9/11, and upturn in study abroad fueled by short-term programs and study in nontraditional locales.

Study Abroad Gone Awry

U. of Washington faculty-led program in Ghana is under investigation after students cited serious health and academic concerns.


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