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Interviews with academics living in parts of Iraq controlled by ISIS

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Faculty members in Iraq describe the fears, humiliations and violence they face.

Leaders of Australian universities see pay rise as they seek more tuition funds

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As country's universities seek federal permission to raise tuition, their chief executives are seeing their pay increase sharply.

President discusses ambitions for new French university

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Paris-Saclay’s president discusses why 19 French institutions are stronger as one.

Experts consider the heightened ideological push of China's government for its universities

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Experts consider implications of government officials' statements about the need for universities to reject Western values.

Impoverished neighborhood in Rio pushing to get university campus the government promised

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In impoverished part of Rio, struggles to get a branch campus that the government pledged to build there.

Foreign enrollments booming, Australia sees competitive edge

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Number of enrolled international students rises 10 percent, and government officials say policy changes position the country well against competitors in Europe and North America.

After rejecting blogging ban, International Studies Association embraces online media

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After contemplating a proposal to ban its editors from blogging, the International Studies Association promotes an initiative to explore how online media can actually benefit scholars in the field.


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