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UMUC faculty were unhappy with president before she was placed on leave

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At U. of Maryland University College, often held up as a model institution, faculty expressed concerns about president's leadership long before she was placed on leave last week.

Ireland moves to develop new approach to higher education

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Education leaders aim to better balance the goals of promoting program quality and providing options in all regions.

Essay on issues facing academics working in the Middle East

Western academics can find good positions and plenty of the comforts they crave (with a better standard of living) far from home, writes William Roden.

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A British university and an Australian university team up

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University of Warwick and Monash University aim to redefine what global higher education collaboration looks like.

British government holds off on higher education reform legislation

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Government delays legislation that would have increased role of for-profit higher ed, but many believe sector will still expand.

Increasing numbers of students pursue British degrees outside of Britain

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One-sixth of those studying for a degree do so without stepping foot in the country.


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