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Report outlines attacks on universities and academics around the world


From abduction and arbitrary arrest to assassination, report offers comprehensive picture of assaults on universities, their students and staff around the world.

Universities in Poland struggle with shrinking enrollments


Dwindling student numbers and limited progress in international recruiting pose challenges for country's universities.


Study Abroad Programs Evacuate from Ukraine

Two study abroad programs evacuate amid intensifying tensions in the Crimea.

Brazil plans massive new university campus in rainforest


Brazil plans massive new campus amid questions about whether it is doing so in environmentally sensitive way.

Western universities take different approaches to branches in Shanghai


British universities make different choices about their operations in Shanghai.

Debate over impact Scottish independence would have on universities


Would Scotland's universities be helped or hurt if it leaves the United Kingdom?

The study abroad provider Living Routes to close after losing its affiliation with UMass Amherst

The study abroad provider Living Routes will close its doors after the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, citing health and safety concerns, suspends its affiliation agreement with the organization.

Study suggests that aid to postsecondary education may be best way to help developing nations


New review of research suggests that developing nations may gain more from investments in postsecondary education than from efforts in primary and secondary education.

Internationalizing Community Colleges – The Texas Agenda

Fri, 01/24/2014


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San Antonio , Texas 78205
United States

Aversion to debt may limit effectiveness of new student loan system in Europe


New loans for graduate study may have limited appeal.


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