Budget Cuts

Welcome, Now Start Slashing

Hiring provosts who will be immediately charged with budget-cutting presents dilemma for presidents, who debate whether task is best suited for someone new.

Reckoning the Recovery

Survey of state community college directors shows few have plans for how to balance budgets once federal stimulus dollars are gone.

Tenured Jobs Saved

Arbitrator finds Florida State violated contract provisions in eliminating positions -- and university rescinds layoffs.

Slimming Sports Spending

When college athletics programs cannot cover their expenses with generated revenue, they are forced to rely on funds allocated from their institution’s wider budget. Since only 14 National Collegiate Athletic Association member institutions report positive net revenues from athletics, nearly all NCAA athletics programs rely on this practice.

Your Tub or Mine

Economic woes force universities to reopen the debates over budget centralization.

All the President's Profs

Calling them Mr. Jefferson’s Justice League is somehow irresistible. Perhaps that’s because the University of Virginia’s Faculty Budget Advisory Committee resembles a gathering of superheroes, where brainiacs of varied disciplines combine their powers to confront a common enemy.

'Sad Day For California'

A draconian budget plan laid out Monday by California Gov. Jerry Brown would slash higher education along with other already beleaguered state agencies.

Turning on the Faculty

Professors at public universities worry that a combination of economic anxiety, anti-union sentiment and frustration over rising college costs will make them and their institutions targets for populist anger.

Restoring the Faculty Voice

Public college professors from 21 states vow to start campaign to defend higher education's future.

Budget Cuts Galore

Rural community colleges across country argue they will be disproportionately hurt by the many across-the-board state budget cuts currently being proposed.


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