Budget Cuts

Restoring the Faculty Voice

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Public college professors from 21 states vow to start campaign to defend higher education's future.

Budget Cuts Galore

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Rural community colleges across country argue they will be disproportionately hurt by the many across-the-board state budget cuts currently being proposed.

Could Be Worse

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As House leaders propose cuts in 2011 spending, programs important to colleges and students would fare comparatively well (so far).

The $10,000 Question

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Higher ed experts give grade of incomplete to Texas governor's goal of four-year degrees at a very low cost.

Reversals in Wisconsin

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Governor seeks major benefit cuts for all U. of Wisconsin employees -- and elimination of the newly won right of faculty and academic employees to unionize.

U. of Louisiana Weakens Tenure Rights

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System wants flexibility to eliminate jobs -- even if institutions do not declare "financial exigency."

How to Train Your Draconian

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During a talk to governors, Bill Gates might have sharpened the ax for politicians thinking of cutting humanities programs.

More Than Money

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Scholars of collective bargaining in higher ed say wage gains from unions are minimal at four-year institutions, but significant at community colleges -- and that in both sectors, impact goes beyond pay.

In It Together in California

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Faculty unions and the Los Rios and San Diego Community College Districts find labor harmony by basing contracts on shared revenue agreements.

Feeling the Heat to Retire

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Senior faculty at Vermont state college say they were told to step aside or junior faculty would have to be let go.


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