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Cooper Union will charge for some programs so three undergraduate programs can remain free

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Cooper Union, tuition-free for more than a century, will keep its traditional undergraduate divisions free by cutting expenses and charging for some new programs.

Local grant vitalizes Buffalo's long-dormant consortium

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Two grants from a local foundation energized a long-dormant western New York consortium. Now 21 nearby colleges are working together, and say they've found a balance between working together and pursuing some of the same students.

Midwestern liberal arts colleges use lacrosse to recapture suburban students

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Division III lacrosse has become a tool for Midwestern liberal arts colleges to recapture suburban students, a group central to their business strategy.

Indiana revamps performance funding, focusing on first-year completion

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Indiana revises its performance-funding formula, putting new emphasis on progress toward degree, but not all institutions see an equal shot at the money.

New School conference hits on changing financial picture for public colleges

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At New School conference, higher education leaders discussed the need to reduce institutional costs as revenue streams continue to dry up.

Arizona universities turn to cities in lieu of state support

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As states pull support for higher education construction, cities offer incentives to develop new campuses.

Ohio State considers outsourcing parking

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Should colleges outsource parking? Plans to do so at Ohio State anger professors.


U. of Virginia gives colleges ability to spend money they generate

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Tight times have led many colleges to centralize budget decisions, but U.Va. moves in opposite direction, hoping departmental control over costs will spur creativity.

Colleges Fail U.S. Financial Test

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Latest data from Education Department show scores of private institutions failing to meet disputed metrics aimed at measuring "financial responsibility."


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