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Rescue Mission or Hostile Takeover?

Deal rescues Myers U., and leads to ouster of president who spent a day in jail as agreement was worked out.

When a Bond Vote is Contested

Appeals court ruling that a California community college district followed guidelines in presenting measure may have implications for other institutions in the state.

A College Cuts Tuition -- and Ends Haggling

Blackburn announces 15% reduction, but by also ending bargaining with students and their families, the institution's bottom line won't change.

Managing Study Abroad

New report offers college leaders recommendations for fully integrating overseas studies into their academic offerings.

Study Abroad Inquiry Expands

Moving beyond major providers, New York Attorney General subpoenas colleges about their international programs.

Mixed Grades for Grads and Assessment

Survey of employers finds they think new degree holders have basic skills, but not what they need to advance. And those doing hiring aren't looking for more standardized tests.

The Credit Crunch Takes a Toll

Lenders' plans to end loans to some students at for-profit colleges are first clear signs of downturn's impact on higher ed; some fear damage will grow.

Senators Scrutinize Well-Endowed Colleges

Lawmakers ask 136 institutions with endowments of at least $500 million for information about how they set tuition, award financial aid, and spend from their funds.

'Business' by Any Other Name...

Many liberal arts colleges have long struggled to balance increasing emphases on professional preparation with a core curriculum. Business, in particular, has been blooming.

But not without significant discussions at administrative and faculty levels about what that business education should look like -- and not without some aversion to calling the final products "business" programs.

New College of California Is on Deathbed

Nontraditional institution appears to have run out of time and money -- and many there are preparing for the end.


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