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Who Gets How Much Money and Where It Goes

In the name of transparency, Oregon State tracks every financial transaction across the university -- online.

A Swipe at Credit Card Marketing

New survey finds that students largely support limiting the influence of credit card companies on campus.

Mixed Picture on Cost Containment

Report on state colleges finds many are satisfied with efforts to reduce institutional spending, but not enough do so in systematic and data-driven way.

A (Money) Losing Proposition

Revamped NCAA report on Division I finances reinforces previous findings that big-time college sports programs spend far more than they earn -- especially when institutional subsidies are included.

Flocking to Football

Despite sport's hefty cost, colleges continue to add teams amid economic downturn, citing desire to build enrollments or enhance campus culture.

Readier for Prime Time?

With sights set on going public, Grand Canyon U. snags a leader from a crosstown behemoth in for-profit higher ed -- the University of Phoenix's parent company.

Spatial Change

To facilitate more interactive teaching, one college considers a different type of classroom. The barriers to building it are instructive of sometimes conflicting trends in college planning.

Call Your PR Director, Fast

When a production company tells your president or dean it wants to profile your college or school in a national television documentary, the offer may not be what it seems.

Why 'Nonprofit' Does NOT Mean 'Lose Money'

It was just a tidbit of information, offered toward the end of a presentation slotted in that sleepy, after-lunch-at-a-jampacked-conference hour. But the nature of the tidbit caught the audience’s attention: On average, full-time faculty members at the University of New Mexico’s Gallup campus were being subsidized to the tune of $10,554 apiece.

Will More Colleges Merge?

Recent moves by some private institutions -- combined with worsening economy -- have some experts predicting more consolidation in next few years.


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