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Budget Cutting Strategies Reviewed

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The hardest hit public universities have eliminated staff and contingent faculty slots, but still have "strategic" thinking to do about the long term, an association survey finds.

Taxing Relationships

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Colleges and businesses often work together, but they’re not always allies on tax policy. A downward economy could test their ties.

Suit: College Lowered Standards For Revenue

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SUNY Cobleskill eased admissions and retention practices to get more tuition from unqualified -- mostly black -- students, a former dean says in a retaliation lawsuit.

'The Business of Higher Education'

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The notion that colleges need to act more like businesses appeals to many people outside higher education and, especially in difficult financial times, to some trustees and state leaders. Efficiency, productivity, innovation -- all concepts that colleges and universities are all too often accused of lacking.

Slight Rebound for Endowments

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Preliminary study suggests that after steep drop in last half of 2008, college investments edged upward in first half of 2009. Overall decline in rate of return -- 19 percent -- would be biggest in 35 years.

Rice at a Crossroads

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The fate of a merger with Baylor College of Medicine will likely be decided in the coming weeks, but concerns about the partnership remain pronounced.

Second Opinion

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With trust in short supply, increasingly skeptical faculty and students turn to independent auditors to analyze the state of university budgets.

Waiting for Cash in Illinois

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With the state unable to pay appropriated funds, the University of Illinois institutes furloughs and other colleges plead for money the government owes them.

Tangled Web at Wesleyan

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Connecticut college sues former investment manager, charging that, with friends and family members, he conspired to enrich himself and shortchanged his job.

No Med School Merger for Rice

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University ends talks with Baylor College of Medicine, following a debate among faculty about pros and cons of partnership.


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