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Rockstar parking, heavily subsidized and often lucky, is about to get more expensive on college campuses

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Should professors and students pay more for the best spots? Yes, say parking reformers. 

President of the nation's largest community college calls out anti-tax lawmakers

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The president of the country's largest community college called state legislators bullies. Did he go too far?

Merger talks between Montreat College and Point University suddenly collapse

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A deal to merge two Christian colleges in the South collapsed. It's not entirely clear why Montreat College and Point University weren't meant for each other, but many at Montreat agree it's a good thing.

College work forces grew but not as fast as enrollment

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Study documents that growth in higher ed hiring in recent years has failed to keep pace with enrollment increases, and challenges idea that tuition increases can be blamed on professors' pay.

Yeshiva, which has junk bond finances, isn't going anywhere, professors say

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Yeshiva's finances look bad, but some faculty members there do not despair.

New database allows users to compare sports and academic spending

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New Knight Commission database enables comparisons (at college and conference level) of sports expenditures per athlete with academic expenditures per student.

Pennsylvania's 14-university system feeling the pain of budget cuts and demographic shifts

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The Pennsylvania State System of Higher Ed has already cut academic programs and staff members; now it has to cut more programs and professors. 

Australian university employees weigh plan to tie raises to institutional performance

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Employees at an Australian university will vote this week on a proposal to tie their raises to the university's financial results, with a bonus pool possible.

U. of Michigan tries to save money on staff costs, but meets faculty opposition

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The University of Michigan is trying to save millions on staff costs, using an increasingly popular strategy, but faculty are unhappy.

Prestigious liberal arts colleges face ratings downgrades

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Prestigious liberal arts colleges are facing financial pressures, according to recent credit ratings.


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