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Questions raised about cuts in liberal arts programs at Western Illinois

Western Illinois U says low enrollments justify eliminating four liberal arts majors, but faculty leaders say maintaining fields of study is about more than metrics.

University of Chicago cost cutting draws objections

Faculty members and students worry they're paying the price for construction projects amid a focus on cutting administrative costs.

Minn. town aims to attract campus as competition for branches heats up

Red Wing, Minn., hopes to attract a four-year institution but faces stiff competition from larger, sunnier cities and a history littered with failed branch campus attractions across the country.

Obama administration releases final rules on overtime pay, including some exemptions for higher ed

Obama administration releases final rules to require new payments for many employees. Regulations make clear that higher ed employees considered teachers will continue to be exempt. Postdoc pay could be key issue going forward.

Delta Cost Project report outlines trends in college spending

A new report from the Delta Cost Project reveals how much more heavily institutions rely on tuition dollars since the recession.

Universities left footing the bill as budget crisis looms in Illinois

Universities in Illinois are covering millions in state costs as politicians continue to debate a 2015-16 budget halfway into the fiscal year.

What it might mean when a college's discount rate tops 60 percent


How high is too high a discount to offer students? Nearly 10 percent of colleges have rates of 60 percent or more. For some it appears to be a sign of distress, yet others see a strategy.

Ohio 2-year colleges to share administrators in bid to cut operating costs

Two small two-year institutions in northwest Ohio craft plan to combine key administrative positions to save money. Officials say no merger is planned -- but faculty leaders are skeptical.

Drexel U. charts a new course for itself

The ambitious private university is charting a new course than curbs some its efforts to expand outside of Philadelphia. 

Kentucky State U., an HBCU, drops a quarter of its students for unpaid bills

Kentucky State University tells a fourth of its student body to leave because they haven't paid their bills.


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