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State support for higher education increased in 2016, not counting Illinois

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Support for public higher education rose in 33 states and declined in 17 in 2016 -- including a massive drop in Illinois.

Mergers haven't been part of Pennsylvania public higher ed's past. Might the future be different?

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Politics, geography and history all prevent the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education from following Georgia's consolidation path.

States report 3.4 percent increase in higher education appropriations

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Appropriations for higher education increased in more than three-quarters of states in 2016-17.

Endowment returns fell in 2016

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Endowment returns fall into the red, averaging -1.9 percent in 2016.

University of Kentucky moving away from merit aid

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University of Kentucky seeks to drastically shift its aid strategy to improve retention, rolling back the use of funds for top students who can afford to pay.

Leaders ask what free tuition would mean for New York campuses

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Presidents of public institutions in New York say they welcome Governor Cuomo's plan and could find ways to enroll many more. But they still have questions.

Virginia Intermont's campus sale begs questions of how colleges close accounts

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Whether colleges file for bankruptcy or wind down in other ways, closing is a complex, costly affair -- and the process doesn’t assure any support for professors or employees who may have worked without pay.

New York's tuition-free plan sparks debate

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New York's governor wants to make public higher education free for most students, setting off new debate on the concept.

State audit criticizes University of Louisville's relationship to foundation

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State audit finds fault with management structure and decisions under former president, who responds that auditors failed to consider Louisville's "amazing academic trajectory."

Middlebury meets aggressive carbon neutrality goal

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Middlebury meets a tight deadline for going carbon neutral in part by using credits from forest preservation.


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