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Mount Holyoke and a handul of other private colleges freeze tuition for next year

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Mount Holyoke joins a short -- but longer than usual -- list of colleges to freeze tuition. Moves could signal awareness of a limit to families' willingness to pay high sticker prices.

Brown dispute questions what's a fair payment in lieu of taxes

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Rocky negotiations in Providence about how much Brown pays the city in lieu of taxes highlights the difficulty of determining an appropriate contribution.

UC system weighs shift in tuition payments to after graduation

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Proposal being weighed by University of California to shift student payments to after graduation and tie them to income would be a dramatic change in how education is financed.

Endowment returns for 2011 near pre-recession levels

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Institutional endowments for the 2011 fiscal year showed returns similar to pre-recession levels, but many still worth less than in 2007.

Delayed state payments cause headaches for Illinois public universities

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For three years, Illinois has delayed payments to public colleges, presenting a different sort of budgeting problem for administrators.

Medicaid funding changes pressure state higher ed funding

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Experts worry drawdown of federal funding for Medicaid expansion puts pressure on public higher ed funding.

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Indiana creates free tuition program for certificate earners

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Indiana moves to focus on job training through nondegree programs.


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