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Arizona universities turn to cities in lieu of state support

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As states pull support for higher education construction, cities offer incentives to develop new campuses.

Maryland will cut eight teams to mitigate athletic budget deficit

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A number of factors led U. of Maryland to eliminate eight varsity teams, but analysts say other institutions might soon have their own choices to make.

Colleges place more emphasis on liquidity and tracking it

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In the wake of credit crisis, universities have improved liquidity and developed new tools to manage money and communicate financial decisions.

2011 endowment returns near pre-recession levels

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Preliminary data show endowment gains approaching pre-recession levels, with wealthy institutions sticking to their high-risk, high-reward investment strategies.

Louisville Seminary will eliminate master's tuition by 2015

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Louisville seminary, concerned about debt burden for graduates entering low-paying fields, will give full scholarships to all master's students by 2015.

Cooper Union weighs charging tuition, raising questions about viability of tuition-free model

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Cooper Union debate about charging tuition points to the challenges of maintaining tuition-free higher education.

Leadership Symposium on College Cost, Price and Financial Aid (Webinar)

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U. of Virginia gives colleges ability to spend money they generate

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Tight times have led many colleges to centralize budget decisions, but U.Va. moves in opposite direction, hoping departmental control over costs will spur creativity.


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