Calm at Gallaudet

With Jane Fernandes out, protesters open up the campus gates. But where will the university go now?

'Death of a Department Chair'

Isabel Vittorio, who, as a department chair at the fictional Austin University, had variously “been described as narcissistic, charismatic, brilliant, and opportunistic” was found slumped over her desk in the Department of Literature and Rhetoric early on a Monday morning, her neck broken. What ensues as the murder investigation unfolds is a peek inside what author Lynn C. Miller called the closed, “wonderful dysfunctional family template” of a humanities department.

Who Won the Battle of Pennsylvania?

As David Horowitz's prized legislative panel finishes work, he claims victory, but many academics say it debunked his claims.

'What Ever Happened to the Faculty?'

Mary Burgan, former general secretary of the American Association of University Professors, is not happy about the trends she sees with regard to faculty rights. Traditional governance models are being replaced with strict hierarchies, and too many faculty members have too little influence in crucial decisions, she writes, in What Ever Happened to the Faculty? Drift and Decision in Higher Education, just published by Johns Hopkins University Press.

Divisive Semester at Florida

Deficits, departments in receivership and proposed cuts leave humanities professors seething.

Fighting a Distortion of Research

Carol Gilligan was outraged to see an anti-gay leader use her scholarship for a cause she abhors, so she's fighting back -- on YouTube.

A Campaign for Antiwar Academics

A group of Vassar College faculty asks colleagues at the college and across the country to financially support a coalition opposing Iraq war.

Historians, War, Responsibility

Professors vote for end to Iraq conflict, but AHA leaders call for rare poll of all members. Statement on free speech cut back.

Strategies on Academic Freedom

Handbook offers ideas for professors in Middle Eastern studies who find themselves under scrutiny or attack.

War of Words Over Sports

In dueling op-eds, faculty leaders and president at Oregon debate role of athletics in university's perceived academic deterioration.


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