Bias Seen in Bias Studies

New analysis questions legitimacy of slew of reports finding that professors' liberal inclinations create classroom unfairness.

Change Ahead for AAUP

Top official of professors' association is up for college presidencies elsewhere, amid reports of managerial concerns.

The First New Orleans Verdict

Our Lady of Holy Cross found to have violated rights of professor who was fired for pushing salary plan president opposed.

Ethical Dilemma

Southern Illinois professors feel careers could be at risk because the state thinks they completed a required test too quickly.

DePaul Rejects Finkelstein

Tenure case enmeshed in Middle East debates also raises issues about collegiality and departmental authority.

A More Deliberative Democracy

U. of New Hampshire establishes network to change tenor of national discourse -- and improve campus decision making.

Gutting Shared Governance?

Northwestern blasted for suspending professors' input for 3.5 years while journalism school undergoes curricular overhaul.

Skepticism of Faculty and Tenure

New poll finds majority of public believes bias is problem in college classrooms and questions role of tenure.

You Like Frisbee? I Like Frisbee!

In matching graduate students with each other as mentors, Purdue wants to know more than just academic interests.

Faculty Communication 101

Christopher J. Loving, who runs leadership workshops for academic leaders, shares reasons why faculty relationships go sour.


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