Anonymous Power

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Scholars debate fairness of shielding identities of those who review tenure candidates and journal submissions.

Easy Targets

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Literary scholars discuss why the mainstream press tends to treat them with disdain -- and reporters weigh in.

What the Press Editors Want

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Material culture, American lit, and media studies are all in. Theory and monographs -- not so much.

Radical Change for Tenure

Smart Title: 
MLA panel outlines plan to end monograph "fetishization," create agreements between departments and new hires, and rethink evaluation process.

Hoping for a Year Without Dawgs or Hunkering Down

Smart Title: 
Lake Superior State U. once again tries to banish overused and abused words.

MLA Notes: Academic Freedom, Jobs at Community Colleges

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The issue of academic freedom was everywhere at this year's Modern Language Association meeting, in Washington. There were panels on "Academic Work and the New McCarthyism" and discussions on teaching issues related to war criticism.

At a Friday session, titled "Criticism and Crisis: Twenty-First Century Intellectuals and the Politics of Academic Freedom," the focus was how to build broader support among the general public for academic freedom.

A Tenure Reform Plan With Legs

Smart Title: 
Experts say timing may be just right for changes MLA panel is putting forth -- particularly the move beyond the monograph.

Chilly Climate at Lake State

Smart Title: 
Many at Michigan's smallest public university see recent tenure denials -- over departmental objections -- as sign of disrespect for liberal arts. 

A Speech In Full

Smart Title: 
In Jefferson Lecture, Tom Wolfe places the "statusphere" at the center of meaningful study of modern man.

A Meeting of Humanistic Minds

Smart Title: 
Session on state of the humanities emphasizes solutions and humor over hand wringing.


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