Doing E-Portfolios Right

As curricular approach spreads, composition professors adopt "best practices" statement.

The Overflowing Composition Classroom

At community colleges, those who teach writing have far more students per semester than may be educationally sound, survey finds.

MLA Grades Spellings Commission

Panel faulted for ignoring humanities, urged to shun No Child Left Behind model, and praised for talking about standards.

Revising the Teaching of Writing

U. of Denver aims to redefine not only how freshmen are taught, but the relationship between those who teach it and other faculty.

When Creative Writing Provides a Clue

Va. Tech killer's assignments set off alarm bells -- and illustrate the quandary faced by many a professor.

A Very Scary Story

After Virginia Tech shootings, San Jose State instructor stopped teaching course in response to student who wrote of killing professor.

Bringing Back the English Major

John Jay College of Criminal Justice plans to restore program 30 years after dropping it, hoping to enhance pre-law education.

'The University in Chains'

Who controls higher education? Henry A. Giroux argues in his new book that academe has ceded too much power to the worlds of business and the military. In The University in Chains: Confronting the Military-Industrial-Academic Complex (Paradigm), he outlines the problems he sees and calls on professors to take back direction of their campuses.

When Student Writing Could be a Red Flag

Virginia Tech's creative writing faculty craft guidelines to help instructors and teaching assistants discern writing that may signal danger from prose that is just disturbing.

Sign of the Times?

Poster reading "$160,000" (and more) that appeared on several buildings at Brown is one student's commentary on campus life.


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