Scariest Forum on the Internet?

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Just two weeks after its Feb. 2 launch, The Chicago Manual of Style Online’s new discussion forum already features numerous discussions with titles like “ ‘Predecessor to’ or ‘predecessor of’ “? and “Worst online punctuation abuse?” But the most popular thread thus far is titled “I’m afraid to post here.” Its first message: “Could there be a more intimidating place to post?”

A Medieval War -- Over Arizona

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As soon as Arizona enacted its law designed to crack down on unauthorized immigration to the state, academic groups started to announce they would stay away from the state. But many of those announcing that they would shun it until the law was repealed didn't in fact have any major events scheduled for Arizona. (Much of the law's enforcement has been blocked by a federal judge, but the legal and political fighting remain unsettled.)

Boost for the Humanities

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Defying trends, Mellon Foundation puts up $10 million to get the state of Wisconsin to do the same for its flagship university.

Deconstructing a Calendar Change

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English and foreign language professors no longer need to rush from family gatherings to the MLA on December 27. How are they adjusting?

A Tough Job Outlook

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Number of openings for English and foreign languages has stopped falling -- but it hasn't recovered at all from two years of dramatic drops.

Moving Beyond Venting

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As beleaguered humanities professors gather at MLA conclave, the talk is of budget cuts, tough questions and sometimes uncomfortable strategies.

An Open, Digital Professoriat

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At MLA, scholars argue for the power of the web and social media to create a new generation of public intellectuals.

Who Speaks for an Association?

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MLA moves to make it more difficult to take an official position.

Unafraid of Virginia Woolf

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Community college English professors worry that they're being discouraged from teaching the kind of fiction that can change students' lives.

New Journal, Old School Values

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In an era when many literary journals are struggling to survive or becoming Web-only, Amherst starts a new print publication, focused on physical space.


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