Boost for the Humanities

Smart Title: 
Defying trends, Mellon Foundation puts up $10 million to get the state of Wisconsin to do the same for its flagship university.

Deconstructing a Calendar Change

Smart Title: 
English and foreign language professors no longer need to rush from family gatherings to the MLA on December 27. How are they adjusting?

A Tough Job Outlook

Smart Title: 
Number of openings for English and foreign languages has stopped falling -- but it hasn't recovered at all from two years of dramatic drops.

Moving Beyond Venting

Smart Title: 
As beleaguered humanities professors gather at MLA conclave, the talk is of budget cuts, tough questions and sometimes uncomfortable strategies.

An Open, Digital Professoriat

Smart Title: 
At MLA, scholars argue for the power of the web and social media to create a new generation of public intellectuals.

Who Speaks for an Association?

Smart Title: 
MLA moves to make it more difficult to take an official position.

Unafraid of Virginia Woolf

Smart Title: 
Community college English professors worry that they're being discouraged from teaching the kind of fiction that can change students' lives.

New Journal, Old School Values

Smart Title: 
In an era when many literary journals are struggling to survive or becoming Web-only, Amherst starts a new print publication, focused on physical space.

Yanked from the Margins

Smart Title: 
New panel is charged by bipartisan quartet of Congressmen to find 10 ways to strengthen the humanities and social sciences.

Humanities, For Sake Of Humanity

Smart Title: 
Prominent scholars gather to argue for the importance of their fields to the future of democracy.


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