Academic Fashions Aren't Just Sartorial

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At last year's annual meeting of the Modern Language Association, Elisabeth Ladenson found herself in discussion with a bus dispatcher while waiting for a shuttle. "You all have that look," the dispatcher told Ladenson, an associate professor of French at Columbia University.

Rallying and Quibbling on Tenure Plan

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MLA proposal to change how professors are hired and promoted draws generally strong support -- and some objections on details.

Dramatic Plan for Language Programs

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Panel wants departments to move beyond literature -- with overhauls in staffing and curriculum for undergrad and Ph.D. education.

Radical Shift for MLA -- on Meeting Date

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Delegate Assembly rejects the use of the term "illegal alien" -- while measure to defend Ward Churchill is cast aside.

Banned in Akron

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Administrators bar selection of noted writer's work for freshmen to read because he was once in jail.

From Service Function to Discipline

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Professors of writing and rhetoric consider evolution of their role -- and the questions raised by more independence.

Fooling the College Board

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To demonstrate flaws of SAT writing test, MIT professor coached student on how to get a good score on a lousy essay -- and pulled it off.

Doing E-Portfolios Right

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As curricular approach spreads, composition professors adopt "best practices" statement.

The Overflowing Composition Classroom

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At community colleges, those who teach writing have far more students per semester than may be educationally sound, survey finds.

MLA Grades Spellings Commission

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Panel faulted for ignoring humanities, urged to shun No Child Left Behind model, and praised for talking about standards.


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