Spray-Painting Pynchon

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Vandalism or clarion call? The University of California at Santa Barbara discovers a postmodern surprise all over campus after Thanksgiving break.

Fewer English Jobs, More Language Jobs

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As MLA convention approaches and interviews loom, a mixed picture emerges for key humanities disciplines.

The Identity Studies for Everyone

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More literary and cultural studies scholars focus on age and the way generations are defined -- and consider why such issues have largely been ignored.

New Collaboration for Scholarly Publishing

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Grant allows 5 presses to set up joint operations for copy editing, design, layout and typesetting -- creating savings that will allow release of more books.

How to Tell Whether Writing Instruction Works

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At MLA meeting, programs' directors see shift away from theory and toward concrete efforts to measure their efforts and figure out if they are effective.

Rethinking Work

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At MLA meeting, panelists consider new ways to frame adjunct issues, as well as issues related to service requirements and new attempts to bridge the tenure-track/non-tenured divide.

God, Fashion, Affect

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What's hot and what's not (theory?) at the book exhibits of the Modern Language Association.

Solving 'The English Student's Dilemma'?

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“Mom, Dad, I want an M.F.A.”

“That’s nice dear. What about a law degree?”

Rethinking Remedial Education

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In statewide effort, community colleges in California experiment with new models for "basic skills" instruction and student services.

Evolution of a Writing Program

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Dartmouth announces changes in its approach to teaching writing and speech.


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