Judge Challenges MCAT Rules

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California ruling that state's broad definition of disabilities applies could provide more help to test takers with disabilities.

The Price of Disability

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Texas State agrees to reimburse student with cerebral palsy who only had access to a higher-cost dorm room.

Changing the Mental Health Conversation

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Advocacy group questions the way many are responding to Virginia Tech tragedy.

Suggestions on Mental Health

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Advocacy group offers best practices for campuses dealing with troubled students.

Next Deployment: Moscow

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University of Idaho offers first-of-its-kind scholarship for veterans wounded in combat since Sept. 11, 2001 -- and hopes to spread the idea.

Making Room at the 'Big House' and Beyond

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The University of Michigan at Ann Arbor is being forced to play defense after the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights informed campus officials late last month that its football stadium lacks adequate access for people with disabilities.

In the wake of that finding, some are wondering what it means for college facilities across the country that have undergone recent renovations.

Reaching Students With Chronic Illness

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DePaul program focuses on a growing population that needs help (sometimes) and flexibility (all the time).

First-of-Their-Kind Graduates

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Four students with learning and developmental disabilities will earn degrees from Bellevue Community College next week, the first products of an unusual program.

New Initiatives for Disabled Vets

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Rochester Institute of Technology announces program for those with hearing loss, while Michigan State starts new financial aid program for disabled veterans.

How Much Extra Time?

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Another fight over extra time on exams has been temporarily resolved, leaving unanswered the questions of to what extent colleges should grant accommodations to students with learning disabilities -- and who decides what adjustments are appropriate.


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