Profiling the American Freshman

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First-year students are talking politics and becoming less moderate in their views, an annual survey finds.

The State of AmeriCorps

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National service program is ratcheting up efforts to get more students involved, just as the Bush budget calls for decrease in funding.

New Support for Community Service

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A new program at Duke U., to promote civic engagement, will fund semester-long volunteer projects for undergraduates.

Unusual Mix of Prayer and Politics

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Yale Divinity School students burn the Ten Commandments and Bill of Rights -- in prayer, not protest.

Slap on the Wrist at Columbia?

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Minimal punishments for students who disrupted speech renew debate over free expression and tolerance.

Dr. Dictator

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Universities rethink honorary degrees once awarded to Zimbabwe’s brutal president.

To Students, Congress Tops 'American Idol'

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College students are regularly criticized as being ignorant, self-absorbed and interested only in pop culture. But a new national study -- conducted by Tufts University researchers -- found that students know more about politics and civic life than many fear they do, and more than those in the same age group who are not in college.

The survey was conducted of people aged 18-24 who are not in the military. Half of those surveyed were in college full time and half were not. Demographics matched the population as a whole.

Among the findings:

A Standout Sit-In

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U. of Southern California's decisive response to sit-in raises questions about how officials deal with disruptive student tactics.

A Hunger Strike Epidemic?

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Student groups at four campuses either have such protests or just concluded them. Coincidence or a larger pattern?

New Front for Antiwar Movement

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A $105 million defense contract at Stanford has galvanized some faculty members. Will students follow?


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