The Race to Show Solidarity

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Uproar over two Penn State students dressed as Virginia Tech shooting victims leads to public displays of remorse -- and an unusual request from the administration.

Combining First-Year Engagement and Civic Engagement

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Two curricular trends, when joined, can produce a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts, proponents say.

Fighting Gossip With Graphics

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In light of JuicyCampus and other phenomena, Princeton students take a novel approach to combating what they see as a harmful climate of anonymous innuendo.

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Complaints

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Exhibit of photographs on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict at Stanford U. elicited gripes over its location in the student union as well as its controversial captions.

Campus Battlegrounds for the Fall

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With presidential candidates solidified, campus Democrats and Republicans begin to plot their campaigns to reach the student vote -- with Obama and McCain both facing challenges.

Analyzing the Youth Vote

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Gathering considers why students will turn out (or not) this fall.

'Sustainability Failures'

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Mark J. O’Gorman’s presentation stuck out amid the normal conference fare. He wasn't in town to discuss "successes" or "best practices." His talk had the word “failure” in the title.

“Whatever scorecard you’re using to talk about sustainability…it’s not good enough,” O’Gorman said Tuesday at the Society for College and University Planning Annual Conference, meeting this week in Montreal. The full title of his session was "Reconciling a Sustainability Failure: Green Planning But No Green Building."

The RNC: Politics vs. the Scholarly View

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As Margaret Spellings hinted at what to expect from a President McCain, scholars fanned out to record the views of two important players in the Republican political drama: delegates and protesters.

Student Activists Atwitter

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It's not just Barack Obama's campaign that's taking advantage of energetic young activists and social networking technologies. A peek at the Republican college movement.

Barriers to Student Voting

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Congressional panel examines obstacles to registration and other legal issues affecting college students who want to vote in national elections.


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