Bottom Line Protest Strategy

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Student activists have spent decades making a moral case for colleges to divest from controversial companies, and the failures of that line of argument have far outnumbered successes. Hoping to turn the tide, United Students Against Sweatshops will begin a new sort of campaign today, making the case that some of the nation’s elite universities actually lose money by investing with a powerful hotel management company charged with unfair labor practices.

Irvine Responds to Heckling Incident

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One of the more controversial campus speeches of the last academic year was discussed not so much for its content as for its repeated interruption. On Monday, the debates started again -- with the news that University of California at Irvine was moving to suspend the Muslim Student Union on the campus for a year as punishment for organizing heckling during a speech by Israel's ambassador to the United States.

Clash of the Titans

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Before he leaves to head the nation’s premier sports governing body, Mark Emmert may have a showdown with the world’s leading athletics apparel provider.

Another One Bites the Dust

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Wayne State eliminates non-traditional college as critics wonder whether urban universities are abandoning urban students.

Investing Instead of Divesting

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Maybe punishing every evil company is less practical than supporting corporations that seek to do good. Rather than divest from tobacco companies or those that engage in ethically dubious business in Sudan, Dickinson and Middlebury colleges are trying to steer investment dollars toward companies and managed funds with strong environmental and social records.

Harvard and Homelessness

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A new book examines the only student-run homeless shelter in the country.

Civic School Spirit

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In a systemwide campaign, the City University of New York is using campus spirit as an impetus for voter participation on its 23 campuses and beyond.

Hummus Debate Spreads

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Some students at Princeton and elsewhere want dining halls to offer competition to an Israeli brand. Princeton is holding referendum this week.

Ivory Tea

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Tea Party movement brews a small but feisty voice on college campuses.

Lost Dreams

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College-age activists for change in immigration law went public about their status in failed attempt to build support.


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