Student involvement in police security helps Davis move past pepper spray incident

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Nearly two years after UC Davis drew widespread condemnation for actions against peacefully protesting students, administrators and police are re-earning their trust by involving them in campus security.

Swarthmore tries to estimate the price of fossil fuel divestment

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Swarthmore, under pressure to divest from fossil fuels, puts the price tag at about $200 million over 10 years, saying removing its investments would require a fundamental shift in how the college manages its endowment.

Author discusses new book on rise of campus censorship

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In his new book, Greg Lukianoff, president of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, chronicles what he sees as the rise of campus censorship and stifling of free speech.

Cooper Union will charge for some programs so three undergraduate programs can remain free

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Cooper Union, tuition-free for more than a century, will keep its traditional undergraduate divisions free by cutting expenses and charging for some new programs.

UC Davis pepper spray report faults administrators, police

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A long-awaited investigative report into the UC Davis police's use of pepper spray on nonviolent students finds that administrators and officers acted inappropriately, and that the confrontation "should and could" have been prevented.

Expected release of UC Davis pepper spray report

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Judge unseals most of investigative report into pepper spraying at University of California campus, clearing way for its release.

Delay of pepper spray report frustrates Davis campus

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A successful restraining order request by a police union means the findings of an investigation into incident at UC Davis will not be released to the public -- at least, not yet.

Occupy movement aims to come back in force

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The Occupy movement has been all but silent on campuses this season, but will re-emerge today to rally for higher education -- and to show it never left.

Ivy League students protest financial employers

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The sabotage of investment bank recruiting sessions by Ivy League students marks a shift in the protest movement, but it's not one without precedent.


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