Sit-In at Wash. U.: 'It's Over'

Wind swept onto the campus of Washington University in St. Louis around noon Friday, bending tree limbs back and throwing rain sideways into castle-like Brookings Hall. But the inside of the admissions office was silent and still.

Gay Freedom Riders

A civil rights group visits Liberty University to start a campaign that will focus on religious and military colleges.

Staying the Course at Bennett

Johnnetta Cole -- at the behest of students and faculty -- agrees to continue on as president, rescinding her resignation.

Anti-Military Occupation at U. of Hawaii

Protesters have taken over the president's office at U. of Hawaii, objecting to plans for a new research deal with the Navy.

Coke: the New Nike

The soft drink maker -- and campuses that do business with it -- are the latest targets in the student 'corporate responsibility' movement.

Columbia Says No, Still, to ROTC

The university's Senate rejects a proposal urging an end to the three-decade boycott of military reserve program for students.

Toe-to-Toe Over Textbooks

Publishers and a student advocacy group trade charges.

Taking a Stand on Sudan

Stanford will sell holdings in four companies, giving momentum to a new divestment movement.

Paving the Way

Agreement between Cornell and protesters -- some of them in trees -- clears the road for a controversial parking lot.

Was Big Brother Watching?

ACLU obtains documents showing that law enforcement groups monitored pro-affirmative action group at U. of Michigan.


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