In the Line of Fire at Clemson

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Conservative newspaper holds drawing for AK-47 -- and ends up under (non-violent) assault.

Investing in Divestment

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U. of California becomes latest (and biggest) academic institution to sever ties to companies in Sudan, to students' delight.

Real Sex, College Edition

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Last year's graphic cable show at U. of California at San Diego sets off debate over censorship and taste.

Arrested Development

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U. of Virginia faces criticism for having students jailed for protesting low wages of some campus workers.

Pitchin' a Tent

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The Web counter just keeps on ticking, reminiscent of the national debt clock near Times Square. But instead of tracking the amount of money owed by the government, a group of students have used their clock to highlight how much the war in Iraq has cost New Jersey. As of Thursday morning, the tally stood at over $12.1 billion. The counter highlights that almost 588,000 students could have been provided four-year scholarships at public universities in the state for that amount of money.

Successor to the King

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Gallaudet will have its second deaf president, and students have a keen interest in who it will be.

Giving In at George Washington U.

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After professor threatens to sue official, university says it will take stronger steps to deter smoking outside buildings.

Calling Michael Moore and Ann Coulter

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AAUP issues draft policy questioning colleges that discourage visits from controversial political speakers.

Spaced Out

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Like many urban institutions, Columbia needs new facilities for science -- but legacy of 1968 reverberates when facing its Harlem neighbors.

Miami's Union Breakthrough

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On Monday, after weeks of hunger striking and several trips to the hospital, janitors at the University of Miami saw their employer, UNICCO Service Company, and the union that wants to represent them, the Service Employees International Union, reach an agreement that could have them unionizing before fall semester.


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