Free Speech at Dartmouth

A student's discussion of Jesus at convocation draws some complaints, but also support for his rights.

Toe to Toe

On 2 campuses, arrests during protests of military recruiters set off more protests.

Dumb and Dumber

"Ghetto" parties. Racist jokes. Leaving a pig's head outside a Jewish center. Why do some students offend year after year?

Hampered at Hampton U.

As students face expulsion for expressing anti-Bush views, free speech concerns surface.

Mixed Verdict at Middlebury

Judge sides with college, but offers harsh criticism in case that has angered many black students.

Half a Loaf at Hampton

Participants at liberal event avoid expulsion, but new gay rights group left in limbo on right to form.

At More Campuses, Coke Isn't It

Boycott movements on college campuses tend to take hold (or fade away) based on whether a critical mass of well known institutions participate. So critics of Coca-Cola have much to celebrate as 2006 begins. They say that 23 colleges worldwide have now banned Coke products from their campuses. And they have now hit a total of 10 in the United States, including bans approved in December by two large institutions -- New York University and the University of Michigan.

Evidence of Pentagon Surveillance

College officials express concern about information apparently gathered about campus protests against the military.

Rose-Colored Vision

"Vagina Monologues," a campus event nationwide, prompts debate on inclusion when Michigan organizers try to cast only minority women.

The Times -- Are They A-Changin'?

Students for a Democratic Society, the movement that galvanized campuses in the '60s before dissolving in bitter infighting, is trying for a comeback.


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