At More Campuses, Coke Isn't It

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Boycott movements on college campuses tend to take hold (or fade away) based on whether a critical mass of well known institutions participate. So critics of Coca-Cola have much to celebrate as 2006 begins. They say that 23 colleges worldwide have now banned Coke products from their campuses. And they have now hit a total of 10 in the United States, including bans approved in December by two large institutions -- New York University and the University of Michigan.

Evidence of Pentagon Surveillance

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College officials express concern about information apparently gathered about campus protests against the military.

Rose-Colored Vision

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"Vagina Monologues," a campus event nationwide, prompts debate on inclusion when Michigan organizers try to cast only minority women.

The Times -- Are They A-Changin'?

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Students for a Democratic Society, the movement that galvanized campuses in the '60s before dissolving in bitter infighting, is trying for a comeback.

Memorial Machinations

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When some student senators at U. of Washington objected to an honor for a World War II hero, the conflict quickly escalated.

In the Line of Fire at Clemson

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Conservative newspaper holds drawing for AK-47 -- and ends up under (non-violent) assault.

Investing in Divestment

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U. of California becomes latest (and biggest) academic institution to sever ties to companies in Sudan, to students' delight.

Real Sex, College Edition

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Last year's graphic cable show at U. of California at San Diego sets off debate over censorship and taste.

Arrested Development

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U. of Virginia faces criticism for having students jailed for protesting low wages of some campus workers.

Pitchin' a Tent

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The Web counter just keeps on ticking, reminiscent of the national debt clock near Times Square. But instead of tracking the amount of money owed by the government, a group of students have used their clock to highlight how much the war in Iraq has cost New Jersey. As of Thursday morning, the tally stood at over $12.1 billion. The counter highlights that almost 588,000 students could have been provided four-year scholarships at public universities in the state for that amount of money.


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