Political science group finds significant minority of members have experienced harassment at annual meeting


“Sizable minority” of women have experienced inappropriate treatment at annual political science event, association survey finds.

In hiring for junior faculty positions, study finds bias against female candidates who have partners


Study suggests women with male partners face bias in searches for junior faculty members.

Google memo reflects familiar bias for women in STEM

Leaked Google memo, described as an “anti-diversity screed,” reminds many women in STEM fields of the challenges that remain not just in industry, but in academe.

Court finds Christian college engaged in illegal discrimination in firing pregnant, single instructor

Federal court finds Christian college lacked the right to tell pregnant instructor to either marry the father of child she was carrying, stop living with him or lose her job.

Berkeley grad students say they should have been told their professor was being investigated for sexual harassment

Colleges don’t tell students that professors are being investigated for -- or even had been found guilty of -- harassment. Berkeley grad students demand change in this practice.

New study suggests continued bias in academic conference panel selections

New study provides evidence that when those reviewing panel submissions see a woman's name, she is less likely to be invited than if no name is seen.

Lawsuit alleges gender discrimination in requiring same-sex physics lab partners

Student sues U of Cincinnati after being told she can't have male partner in physics lab. Emails suggest multiple university officials defended the policy, but university now says it was not mandatory.

Cal State nearly doubles number of presidencies held by women

The last five campus leaders picked at Cal State have been women, and recent hires have doubled the number of Asian-Americans who will be campus presidents.

Professor's lawsuit alleges harassment, retaliation by former Wesleyan U dean

Wesleyan U professor's lawsuit alleges sexual harassment by a dean and a campaign of retaliation for reporting him.

Sexist joke leads to debate and 118 resignations on academic Listserv of planning and geography


Online group of scholars of planning and geography divided over one professor’s sexist humor – and how others reacted to it.


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