Parenthood Gaps and Premiums

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Research points to varying impacts of faculty careers on having children and of having children on faculty salaries. Males come out more favorably, but not always in expected ways.

Brain Surgeon Gets Another Chance

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Medical professor who quit Harvard-affiliated job after well-publicized gender discrimination suit gets teaching and administrative position at U. of Texas.

Worries Over a 2-to-1 Ratio

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College of Charleston considers: How large an undergraduate gender gap is too large? And how can the institution attract more men?

Too Nice to Land a Job

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Research finds that letters of recommendation for women seeking faculty jobs tend to include "communal" or "emotive" words that -- even if used positively -- turn off search committees.

Ride Another Day

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Women's equestrian team settles with Delaware State U., which is second university this year to fail in bid to replace a women's team with a competitive cheerleading squad.

Impact of Women on Search Committees

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Researchers in Spain, using rare opportunity to study randomly selected hiring and promotion panels, find gender split affects who gets full professor (but not associate) positions.

More Than a Coincidence?

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At DePaul, faculty members want to know why so many minority tenure candidates have been rejected while white hopefuls have succeeded.

How Not to Deal With a Student Mother

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UC Davis investigates incident in which professor allegedly polled a class on how to grade a student who had just given birth.

The Professor's Night Job

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A former assistant professor of psychology at John F. Kennedy University in Pleasant Hill, Calif., has sued the institution for sex discrimination, alleging that she was fired for performing in an off-campus burlesque act.

Worldwide Paradox for Women

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At global gathering of higher ed officials, some question why rising female enrollment levels aren't translating into comparable gains in the academic and non-academic work force.


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